Sara Gallo


  • Year Born: 1986
  • Residence: Arvada, CO
  • Race Category: 30-39
  • Years Racing: New to racing
  • Race Specialty: Cross Country
  • About: After moving to CO in August 2014, being in love with all things outdoors, I joined up with my other transplant friends and fell in love immediately with mountain biking.  I had not rode a bike for > 5 years and the when I did, I was on a mountain bike on Centennial Cone, which was quite the first ride. My interest is XC since I get a sense of accomplishment with getting to the top of a hill and working really hard at it.  After just finishing my first race with Pedal Pushers Kind Racing, at the Gunnison Half Growler, I questioned my sanity but also want to do it again!  My plans are to finish at least 2 more races this season and work on my competitiveness.  As well, to always try to have fun!