Eric Coomer


  • Year Born: 1972
  • Residence: Denver/Salida, CO
  • Race Category: 40-49
  • Years Racing: 6
  • Race Specialty: Endurance, Stage Races
  • Favorite Race: Iron Bike, Italy, Vapor Trail, Gunnison Growler
  • Personal Website:
  • Notable Results:
    • 2015 Iron Bike Finisher
    • 3rd Place 30-39 2012 Desert R.A.T.S.
  • About:
    • I work way too much which gets in the way of riding bikes far too often. I make up for it by banking lots of vacation days and racing long endurance races, and multi-day stage races. I’m fortunate enough to travel for work which gets me miles I use to travel and race internationally. The international mountain bike stage race community is pretty small. I’ve made great friends I’ve seen all over the world at races like Nepal’s The Yak Attack, Sri Lanka’s Rumble in the Jungle, Italy’s Iron Bike, and Breckenridge’s own Breck Epic. I’m looking forward to kicking off 2017 by heading to the south of Spain to race the Andalucía Bike Race. 



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