Nathan Collier


  • Year Born: 1982
  • Residence: Golden, CO
  • Race Category: Pro/Open Endurance Mountain Biking, Cat 1 Enduro
  • Years Racing: Since 2008
  • Race Specialty: Endurance
  • Personal Website: Nathan Collier – MTB Endurance Athlete
  • Social Media:
  • Notable Results
    • 1st Place 2016  Salida Big Frickin Loop (Base)
    • 3rd Place 2015 Tatanka 100 Pro
    • 1st Place 2013 Battle the Bear 30-39 (9th overall)
    • 2nd Place 2013 PV Cycle Derby 30-39 (8th overall)
    • 3rd place 2013 RME series 30-39
    • 1st Place 2012 Voodoo Fire 30-39
    • 4th Place 2012 Breck 68 30-39
    • 3rd place 2012 RME series 30-39
  • About: I started mountain biking in 2006 and instantly fell in love with the sport.  I started my racing career in 2008 racing XC races in Illinois.  In fall of 2009, I moved to Golden, CO.  I hit the ground running with big dreams of being a endurance mountain bike athlete here in Colorado.  I’ve been pursuing that dream since, and 2014 was my debut year into the Pro class.  Check out my mountain bike resume for my full race history: Nathan Collier Mountain Bike Resume.  I am also lucky enough to be Team Manager of this very talented team of elite racers.

Have questions about the team, or would like to sponsor us?  Please feel free to contact me through the email address provided in my bike resume linked above.




"Original Growler 2015"



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