Mark Wallace


  • Year Born: Let’s just say John Glenn had an exciting ride himself that year
  • Residence: Golden, CO
  • Race Category: XC, Single Speed, Tandem, Fatbike… so many choices
  • Years Racing: About 20
  • Race Specialty: Longer the better
  • Favorite Race: Still looking but end up in Leadville often
  • Notable Results:
    • 4rd 50-59 Fatbike Nationals 2016
    • 3rd Overall Tennessee Pass Night Jam Fatbike 2016
    • 2nd 50-59 Leadville Silver Rush 50 Run 2016
    • 1st 50-59 Leadville Heavy Half Marathon 2016
    • 20 races in 2015 covering a total of 552 miles in 48 hours of racing
    • 1st Duo and overall course record, 2014, 11 hours of E-rock with teammate Greg
    • 1st 50-59, 2013 Leadville 100 and 12th Leadville 100 MTB finish since 1997
    • 2012 Leadman Finisher and 2010 Leadman Champion
    • 2nd Overall Solo, 2012 – 25 hours in Frog Hollow
    • For fun in 2012 my wife and I tandemed the Kokopelli in 3 days.
  • About:
    • Dona and I are lifelong runners and mountain bikers.  Training and racing is a part of our lifestyle and keeps us focused on something besides career.  Staying fit helps us enjoy all the other things we love to do like skiing, snowboarding, motorcycling, hiking, scuba, and our dogs. For 2017 I’m excited to again be a part of my favorite bike shop’s race team, Pedal Pushers Cyclery.  We plan on another winter of snowbike racing followed as usual with a few regional endurance races.





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