Jim Fisher


    • Year Born: 1969
    • Residence: Denver, CO
    • Race Category: Masters 40+
    • Years Racing: 1
    • Race Specialty: Enduro
    • Favorite Race: Big Mountain Enduro, Keystone, CO
    • Personal Website: https://www.facebook.com/jimfisherclimber?ref=hl
    • Notable Results: 6TH place Enduro X, Steamboat, CO
    • About: I started mountain biking in 1990 and fell in love with it. I have never had much aspiration to race until I heard about the Enduro format. I’m a trail rider that loves to go fast down technical trail and I like long rides and getting to the top under my own power, although not very quickly.
    • Worst day ever on the bike? First XC race. I’m no XC racer.
    • What drives you to compete/race versus just riding? I enjoy a challenge and pushing myself further than just going out for a ride. I love the competition.
    • What is your dream race? MegaValanche
    • What would you like to improve about your riding? I want to get stronger and faster at the lift access terrain.
    • Why are you a member of Pedal Pushers Racing team? Pedal Pushers Cyclery is best shop in town-  A “real”  local shop with great bike lines and awesome service. The team comradery, sponsorship, and support is top notch.
    • Other interests/hobbies/sports? Rock and ice climbing, high-altitude mountaineering, back-country skiing, fly fishing.



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