Jeremy Woolf


  • Year Born: 1972
  • Residence: Arvada, CO
  • Race Category40-49
  • Years Racing: 5
  • Race Specialty: Endurance
  • Favorite RaceThose with the most PPR racers!
  • Notable Results:
      • 6th Place, 4-5 Person Co-ed Team, ERock Sunrise to Sunset
      • 2nd Place, 40-49, 4th overall, 2014 Desert R.A.T.S.
      • 1st Place, 40-49, 3rd overall, 2013 Desert R.A.T.S.
      • 2nd Place, 30-39, 2012 Desert R.A.T.S.
  • AboutI bought my first real (aka rigid with fat tires) mountain bike in 1994 as a present to myself for surviving a term of enlistment in the Army. I like to race because it’s so challenging and I don’t want my kids to think I’m lame when they get older (they probably will anyway). My awesome wife is super supportive and I think she enjoys crewing for me at some of my races, even if she won’t admit it. My first year racing, I did it on my own (with a lot of help from my wife) and didn’t have nearly as much fun as I’m having racing with teammates. I used to think racers were spandex clad wienies, but now I just think racers on other teams are.




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