Racing and riding bikes, it’s our passion. We spend countless hours riding, and training. We spend a lot of our money on bikes, bike parts, race fees, etc. Often times I think about it and feel a little silly that I love something so much even though it has often been the source of so much physical pain. Never the less, I can’t imagine my life without this crazy obsession and, believe it or not, I think it’s made me a better person.  One way that it has made me better is that it’s given me perspective.  I’m lucky, plain and simple. I was introduced to bicycles at a young age by a family that had the resources to do so. Just as important though, I was blessed with the good health that allowed my continued enthusiastic participation in a sport I have loved my entire life. Many children are not as fortunate as I was though. Ill health and or inadequate resources often prevent children from participating in numerous physical activities including cycling. This year, two members of the Pedal Pushers race team are participating in charity events benefiting non-profit organizations that help overcome these problems.

Jeremy Woolf will participating in the Colorado Death Ride benefiting Colorado Children’s Hospital and the ALS association. It is a 3 day charity road ride in southern Colorado, June 8-10. The ride covers 232 miles, goes over 5 mountain passes, and involves a grand total of 16,500 feet of climbing.

James Ford is racing in the Bailey Hundo. It is a 100 mile mountain bike race on June 15 supporting two youth biking initiatives in Colorado: Trips For Kids Denver/Boulder, which offers mountain biking opportunities to underserved youth, and the Colorado High School Cycling League, a new resource for high school students around the state to be exposed to the world of mountain bike racing.

Both team members have already met the minimum fundraising requirements for their events, but we feel strongly enough about our charities to continue fundraising above and beyond the minimums right up until the event deadlines. Please consider donating to these racers and their worthy charities.

Donate to Jeremy Woolf and the Colorado Death Ride

Donate to James Ford and the Bailey Hundo


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